A place to convene. A place to discuss. A place for ideas.

About Us

A place to convene. A place to discuss. A place for ideas.

What policies will lead to a better economic outlook? A stronger manufacturing sector? Jobs across a diverse set of industries?

Ideas Lab brings together experts and thought leaders to address some of today’s most pressing issues.  From manufacturing to technology to jobs, this site serves as a platform for fresh perspectives on critical policy challenges.

At Ideas Lab, we want to hear from you. We look forward to your participation and advancement of the conversation.

Who created Ideas Lab?

Ideas Lab is a partnership between GE and Atlantic Media Strategies, a division of Atlantic Media. Atlantic Media Strategies helps clients build their own media brands and captivate their most influential audiences. As Atlantic Media’s in-house creative agency, Atlantic Media Strategies brings to bear longstanding content expertise as well as the latest insights on what’s next in an increasingly digital, mobile, and social world. For more information, contact ideaslabquestions@atlanticmedia.com

While sponsored by GE, Ideas Lab takes a broader look at the most critical policy issues affecting American competitiveness. The stories and opinions do not necessarily reflect the views of GE.

What makes this site different?

Ideas Lab provides a platform for diverse perspectives. The issues we address here — advanced manufacturing, tech and innovation, global competitiveness, and jobs and skills — are crucial to growing our economy.  The site brings together experts from industry, policy, and academia to discuss solutions to complex problems. By supporting and contributing to the conversation, business can share its experience to help advance these critical policy debates. Ideas Lab is not an advocacy site.

How are contributors selected?

Ideas Lab editorial staff tracks current events and searches for unique content that will contribute to new understanding of critical issues. If you’re interested in contributing to Ideas Lab or have a suggestion, please email ideaslabeditor@atlanticmedia.com.

What is your commenting policy?

We encourage everyone to join the conversation. However, we require that comments be relevant and civil. We monitor all posts and will remove egregious violations. 

How can I contact the site staff?

If you have questions, comments or suggestions, contact the Ideas Lab staff via email at ideaslabeditor@atlanticmedia.com.