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United States Scorecard

January 17, 2013

As part of this year’s Global Innovation Barometer, GE’s Global Market Intelligence team created a scoring model to rank the United States on certain factors inherent to its specific government, business and educational environments that impact the level of innovation there.

The housing and jobs markets have stabilized, and household consumption has proved resilient. Investment however has been weak, held back by fiscal uncertainty.

There has been no indication that the Fed will adjust their timeline on interest rates, which will likely remain at zero through 2015.

The fiscal cliff deal did take 2% out of each worker’s paycheck through the payroll tax adjusting back to historic norms, but wage increases and an improving labor market could help lessen the effect.

Download the Scorecard to learn more about the United State’s 2013 innovation rank. Download the Report to see the results of the 2013 Innovation Barometer survey in the United States.