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United Kingdom Scorecard

January 17, 2013

As part of this year’s Global Innovation Barometer, GE’s Global Market Intelligence team created a scoring model to rank the United Kingdom on certain factors inherent to its specific government, business and educational environments that impact the level of innovation there.

Third quarter growth of 1% was the strongest in five years, ending the country’s double-dip recession.

However, the recent improvement was in part attributed to a one-time bounce from the Olympics as well as the changed pattern of public holidays for the Queen’s Jubilee.

Exports have benefited from the depreciation of the pound in 2008-09, but are now held back by weak growth in the main trading partners in the Eurozone.

Download the Scorecard to learn more about the United Kingdom’s 2013 innovation rank. Download the Report to see the results of the 2013 Innovation Barometer survey in the United Kingdom.