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WISE Words Connect Women In Science

By Ideas Lab Staff December 25, 2012

A new Edison's Desk blog feature aims to attract women in science.

Where do women interested in science and technology go to find information on shared interests and advice from others? Introducing: Wise Words, a section of GE Global Research’s Edison’s Desk Blog, which is dedicated to attracting, developing and retaining women in science and engineering.

The feature came after a two-day Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Symposium, which included a keynote address by Rosalind Hudnell, the chief diversity officer at Intel.

Kristen Brosnan, a materials scientist, wrote in a blog post that she and other colleagues realized GE was not alone in its attempt to attract, develop and retain women in science and engineering. So they kicked off the Wise Words section of the GE Global Research blog.

“Through Wise Words, GE women technologists will lead conversations, sharing conversing and connecting with other women in technology,” Brosnan said. Subscribers will receive “wise words” from women in technology fields about subjects including balancing careers and other commitments. “As a female scientist, many of these issues are close to my heart as I navigate through my career as a scientist while balancing being a new mom and working in technology at GE,” she wrote.

Andrea Schmitz, a researcher, also blogged for Wise Words about the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Symposium. “It’s great to see how far women have come in the world of science and engineering in the over 25 years since I started college,” she wrote. “And even more inspiring is the concerted effort of both men and women within GE and in academic, government and other industries to help encourage students to choose STEM careers.” She added that topics of discussion included sponsorship, the need for clarity of career paths and the rewards of personal connections.

In addition to Brosnan and Schmitz, Megan Brewster, a materials scientist, also will blog for Wise Words. The group plans to use the hashtag #GEWiseWords on Twitter when discussing Wise Words.