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IP Strategies to Create Open Platforms

By Ideas Lab Staff September 20, 2012

McKinsey Quarterly looks at different options for innovators to adopt in an increasingly competitive intellectual property landscape.

Who would give away patents to make more money from innovation? That’s the question McKinsey Quarterly investigates in its report on intellectual property competition.

Given the rise of open-source technology, the report questions whether IP-free zones might appear in different industries.

In its analysis, McKinsey came up with different questions that justify the logic of competing by protecting open space. Among them: “Do integrated firms seek to cut development costs … by drawing on open technologies to substitute for these proprietary solutions?”

How would you answer the questions posed in this report? The authors hope the information serves as a starting point in evaluating arguments for open or closed IP.

In conclusion, the report suggests players look for ways to differentiate themselves by extending existing products or technologies with proprietary services that open communities may find difficult to replicate.