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When Will The U.S. Have High-Speed Rail Too?

By Ideas Lab Staff July 27, 2012

David Briginshaw of International Railway Journal asks when will U.S. join the high-speed rail club at a time when international specialists gathered in Philadelphia for the International Union of Railways’ eighth congress.

David Briginshaw of International Railway Journal, writes that “many may wonder why the (International Union of Railways’ congress on high-speed rail) event is being staged in a nation which has yet to gain entry to the growing club of countries with dedicated high-speed railways.”

He blames politicians, lobbyists and pundits for this absence in America’s transportation system. “Some simply do not like the idea of public investment in infrastructure or railways, some have a vested interest in another mode of transport, while for others, anything favored by the Obama administration is anathema,” he writes.

Briginshaw argues that the current political climate won’t allow the construction of a new line on the northeast coast, but if California gets bragging rights, that might change.

Many countries, Briginshaw writes, have already recognized that high-speed rail investment is necessary alongside more roads and airports, if they’re to deal with growing populations.